If you are checking back here every once in a while to look for Debian packages of HAProxy, you shouldn’t bother anymore. The Debian maintainers are currently doing a very good job at http://haproxy.debian.net/.

Just follow the instructions over there and you will be ready to go.

Since I keep forgetting how to do this, I will just post it here. To create a .pem file you need to cat the following files after echother:

  1. Your own key
  2. Your own certificate
  3. Intermediate certificate
  4. [… more intermediates… depends on your certificate vendor…]
  5. Root certificate. Not really needed actually

So for me this would be something like:

cat www_roedie_nl.key www_roedie_nl.crt COMODORSADomainValidationSecureServerCA.crt COMODORSAAddTrustCA.crt AddTrustExternalCARoot.crt > www_roedie_nl.pem

You can leave out the key if you want to load it separately. But I like to have it in one big file.

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After some bugs were found in the dev13 release, Willy quickly released a dev14 release. You can grab the packaged version at http://www.roedie.nl/downloads/haproxy/haproxy-1.5-dev14/ and test around a bit.

And right after I created the package I realized that I needed to enable compression and SSL. Please make sure you download the dev13-2 package if you want to use those features.

HAProxy 1.5-dev13 got released today. So, I’ve made another quick package which you can get at http://www.roedie.nl/downloads/haproxy/haproxy-1.5-dev13/.

It has lots of new features including SSL and Compression (which I both haven’t tested) and tons of bug fixes. Great work by all developers.

Tahtahtahtaaaaah! And then there was a package of HAProxy 1.5-dev8. You can fetch it at: http://www.roedie.nl/downloads/haproxy/dev8/

I decided to package todays snapshot of HAProxy. It’s a binary package for amd64 but I’ve also included the source to build your own package.

It’s available at: http://www.roedie.nl/downloads/haproxy/20120310/

It seems like the new HP DL360G7 servers do not support the textcons command from iLO anymore without an ‘Advanced License’ installed. Since iLO and moreover the ability of using a remote console is one of the reasons we use the HP servers I was not amused. Luckily the Virtual Serial Port (VSP) is still free of license stuff so with a little fiddling around I got it working nicely.

Of course the is lots of documentation floating around on the net, but for my own memory I also wrote it down at http://www.roedie.nl/wiki/index.php?title=Debian_GNU/Linux_iLO3_Virtual_Serial_Port so I won’t forget it and others might find it useful.

Woah, 3 (three!) posts in one day… I’ve put up a new version of my check_3ware script.

And again, no thanks to me but to Simon Deziel and Stas (Станислав) for reporting a bug, sending in a patch, and a feature request. Now check_3ware will not issue a warning when an array is in verifying state.

I didn’t test the script since I do not have any 3ware hardware anymore, so get it here and use it at your own risk ;-)

Today I’ve also released a new package of autofwd. It’s still the same version, I’ve only fixed some packaging bugs. You can get it here

Ow, and you like a new packaged version of libparanoid to go with that? Sure, I’ve backported that as well (hmz… as far as you can call it a backport…). It’s in the same dir as the autofwd package.

Have Fun!