We’ve got Microsoft Exchange server…. *sigh*… I’m very Linux minded, but now I administer 4 Microsoft Windows 2003 servers. One of then runs Exchange 2007.

Today I needed group mailboxes. Simple… A mailbox to which multiple users have access. So I just open the Exchange 2007 Management Console, create a new mailbox, add a group as the owner, put the right people in the group and we’re done… Not quite. It’s not possible to add a group as owner to a mailbox from the management console.

Google is your friend. So I shifted to the pages google gave me but none of the had the real answer I needed. Until I finally hit this page written by Tyson Kopczynski. It explained that it isn’t possible to do it from the management console, but you have to use the Microsoft Exchange 2007 Management Shell.

Just to save you (and myself) a click I copied it here:

1. Create a Domain Group named MBX-<mailboxname>-Full.

2. Next, run the following command to grant MBX-<mailboxname>-Full full access to the shared mailbox: get-mailbox -identity “<mailboxname>” | add-mailboxpermission -user “MBX-<mailboxname>-Full” -accessrights ‘FullAccess’

3. Finally, run the following command to grant MBX-<mailboxname>-Full modify access to the mailbox’s “Personal Information” attributes: get-mailbox -identity “<mailboxname>” | add-adpermission -user “MBX-<mailboxname>-Full” -accessrights:ReadProperty, WriteProperty -properties ‘Personal Information’ -extendedrights ‘Send-As’

Of course you need to replace <mailboxname> with the name of you mailbox… Duh…