Woah, 3 (three!) posts in one day… I’ve put up a new version of my check_3ware script.

And again, no thanks to me but to Simon Deziel and Stas (Станислав) for reporting a bug, sending in a patch, and a feature request. Now check_3ware will not issue a warning when an array is in verifying state.

I didn’t test the script since I do not have any 3ware hardware anymore, so get it here and use it at your own risk ;-)

I needed to monitor 3 NetApp filers with Nagios.

Since the filers are quite accesible through things like ssh, web interface and SNMP I didn’t think it would be hard. But, when doing a quick search I’ve found this excellent nagios plugin made by Sven Velt. It is available at http://people.teamix.net/~svelt/check_netappfiler/. It has saved me *lots* of time.

It even seems to be prepared to be used with pnp4nagios too. I haven’t tried this since I’m not using it.

One strange thing though… I can query all the filers with standard SNMP settings even with SNMP disabled on the filer(s). This has suprised me a bit. It might be a bug, but I’m not sure.

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